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on4now... A vision above a Startup!

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of going to space... And I started my journey towards space. Throughout my journey, I would achieve numerous recognitions and make friends with all sort of interesting people from the world, over - from astronauts to NASA space engineers and high-profile Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. I was thriving in my space career, and even landed a job with a Series-A aerospace startup in California but, then, one day it hit me. I found the reason why I always wanted to go to space…

"When you look down on Earth from space, everything 'seems' to be connected - there are no boundaries, no cultural or inter-lingual limitations." I always knew I wanted to go to space but that day, I knew why...? Everything 'seems' in perfect harmony and connected, in space. Notice how I say, “everything 'seems' connected from space,” that's because, back on Earth, the world is not actually as connected as it ‘seems’ from space, and it became my mission to solve this major world problem: 'Purposeful Connectivity.'

The world has 7.6 billion people but for every 100,000 people we cross path with in our everyday lives, we connect with only 1 of them. This results in a total of about 80,000 people that we are connected with, through the course of our entire life. And the worst part is that not all those 80,000 people we 'connect' with have similar interests or are the people we really wanted to spend the rest of our lives with, in the first place. Most of them come and go because we may share some common points but we hardly share any common goal or vision with them - leaving us with no choice but to settle with those 80,000 people that come in our lives - whether they have a common goal or not. Now, imagine what we would be able to do, together, if most of those 80,000 people we connect with across our lives are like-minded people with an almost similar goal, vision or interest as we have...? This is where 'on4now' comes to the rescue! on4now is a LIVE mobile app platform that leverages on Artificial Intelligence to connect you with the people you need in your life - we connect you with only those 80,000 unconnected but like-minded people who have a similar vision as you do! For instance, if you're an aerospace engineer, imagine what would happen to your aerospace career and the aerospace industry of this world - if all those 80,000 people you connect with in your life were aerospace people, living and talking the same language as you do. How much faster would the aerospace industry grow? How much faster would you land a job, if you're unemployed? How much longer will you and your partner's relationship last, if you are single and looking for that right partner, with similar goals, to build an empire with? How much more fun and better would your friend circle be, if all of your friends have a similar goal and vision or share the same interests? How much more appropriate and vision-driven would the world be a place to live in...? And there's more. But, first, let us tell you about our name: on4now... what's in a name, and the story behind it.

The name 'on4now' came after playing with some words and numbers, like, 'online for now' or 'on for now' or 'on FOUR now' and finally, we came up with 'on4now' - you will notice how we emphasize the number '4.' There's a reason behind it, and here's why:

In the 1950's, the degree of separation between any two unconnected individual in the world was six degrees of separations. It took six completely new people with no mutual friends to connect the world. However, thanks to the advent of social media, a more recent study has shown that we are now all connected by only 'four' degrees of separations. Hence, the number '4' behind on4now. But the best part is yet to come.... Our team at on4now will leverage on Artificial Intelligence to connect 'four' completely new and unconnected but like-minded people LIVE - whether you just want to make new friends, network or find a dating partner. What that means is basically, we connect you on a live chat with 'four' like-minded people at once, and speed up your connection to find the right people you need in your life by four times through on4now’s three different modes of operations: Socialising, Career Networking or Dating. Thus, connecting the world 4 X faster and shrinking down the degrees of separation that separates any two unconnected like-minded people around the world.

Now, connecting FOUR unconnected, yet, like-minded people seems fun but why LIVE? While the world is embracing 'video' at the moment, we believe LIVE is for the most part at its baby stages, and we are just beginning to adopt the 'live' technology, worldwide. LIVE and Artificial Intelligence, combined, is the future, and we are proud to call ourselves the 'Future of Social Media' - we saw an opportunity, and became aware that we were at the right place and at the right time, and we jumped onto it! Through a live social media platform, there are more emotions involved. Suddenly, you didn't just saw a static picture but you were talking with another person - it's almost as if you were connected face-to-face over a cup of coffee and were chatting, where you see each other and most importantly, you are connected by emotions. We also plan to leverage on our Artificial Intelligence capability to break the international, intercultural and inter-lingual boundaries by connecting people with similar interests, from any corner of the world, together.

By connecting you with only those 80,000 people you need in your life through our mobile app ‘on4now,’ we believe the world will progress 4 X faster for you in your business, making new like-minded friends or finding that right partner for your love life. And suddenly, the world does not only 'seem' connected from space but IT 'IS' ACTUALLY CONNECTED, and in the right way - internationally, interculturally and inter-lingually. Our goal is to get rid of strangers and making the world one family - by connecting you with only the people you need in your life, so that you can make the most of this ONE precious life. This is on4now. And it is just the beginning....

While we still haven't launched the ‘on4now’ mobile app yet, we have a landing page for those interested to get the latest updates of our app development. And if you like what we do, and want to be part of our mission, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Finally, if you want to see the world progress way faster than anything we have ever witnessed in history, through the power of 'Purposeful Connectivity,' please do follow us on social media, and share our website to your friends and families.

Meet The Team

We bring you closer to the people you need in your life

Send us an email at if you would like to be part of our mission.
Co-Founder & CEO

Aerospace engineer. Author of a self-help book. Passion for redesigning the world we live in. Previously, Partnerships Advisor at Bluefield. Executive member of many aerospace organisations and recipient of several awards (Boeing Prize, IAF Emerging Space Leaders etc.). Featured in the news.

Co-Founder & COO

Embedded Systems Engineer. Passion for space and social networks. Previously, team manager and sponsoring manager at Polytech’s robotic club, and event organizer for Polytech Union Office.

Valentin CHOMEL

AI-oriented App developer with a passion in innovation and technology. President of ISIMA Junior entreprise. École Polytechnique, Ginette Alumni and Data Scientist from Columbia University.

Corentin MOULY
Lead Programmer

Passionate about creating the technology of tomorrow. Computer Science Engineer at ISIMA and alumni of IUT Clermont-Ferrand.

Business Development & Growth Strategist

Quintessential generalist, with a natural penchant for joining the dots in pursuit of growth. A passion for communicating, analysing and nurturing strategic partnerships for startups.

Partnerships Manager

Mechanical Engineer. President & Relationships Manager of Aerospace & Robotics Society at University of Melbourne. Space enthusiast and passionate about connecting businesses to people.