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on4now - The geatest adventure!

Ishraj and I first met through this random astronomy group on Facebook. At the time, Ishraj was pursuing his aerospace engineering career in Australia whilst I was in France, studying electrical engineering in embedded systems. Coincidentally, we both come from this tropical island of Mauritius. They say, ‘everything happens for a reason in life’ but we didn’t really understand the reason until a little while into our friendship.

Back then, we didn’t know each other too well, but, our love for space united us somehow, and we would talk on and off through Facebook. We were dreaming about going to space, and exploring the infinity and complexity of the universe. That dream made our friendship stronger with time, and one day, this happened:

I would receive a random message on 11 May, 2017, that would forever change my life. I will never forget that day! That message came from Ishraj, and it read something like this, “Hey, got an idea...would you like to create a company with me?” Surprised as I was, I asked: "Why me? Why did you choose me?," and this is when I realised that ‘everything in life happens for a reason.’ Ishraj used to post these difficult riddles on his Facebook for people to solve, and I happened to solve most of them over the years he would post them. And little did I know that this would one day be the reason why he would want to start a company with me. When asked ‘why me,’ he simply replied by saying that he fell in love with the way I think, my spirit as a person and the answers I would give to his riddles over the years. His next question was, ‘do you know programming?’ This is how I ended up becoming the technical Co-Founder of on4now….

So here it is…this is where it all started, and as the idea behind on4now became clearer and clearer over the next few months, the next step was to find an experienced programmer. So I then sent out hundreds of emails to students from many surrounding engineering and programming schools in my region in France...and only received one response, and that came from someone by the name of Valentin Chomel - a person who would later turn out to be a legendary programmer. At the time you are reading this, he must be on his computer, somewhere, coding the mobile app which one day could be in your hands….

Today, fast forward about a year and a half, we are on this mission to change the world by connecting you with those four unknown but like-minded people that you need in your life. We may be a step away from transforming your life forever, and we want you to be part of what may be one of the greatest adventures of your life. Who knows? Maybe one day you will wake up and want to go visit this newly made friend from Kenya that you connected with through on4now. on4now enables you to network and connect with new people live from any country, and you can now strengthen relationships with locals, months before you even set foot in that country through our 4x4 LIVE CHAT, amongst other app features as mentioned on the on4now website.

on4now may be the greatest adventure of your life: a new way of meeting people, from the world over. Most importantly, these are the people that truly count and share the same purpose as you do. Better still? This is just the beginning….

Meet The Team

We bring you closer to the people you need in your life

Send us an email at if you would like to be part of our mission.
Co-Founder & CEO

Aerospace engineer. Author of a self-help book. Passion for redesigning the world we live in. Previously, Partnerships Advisor at Bluefield. Executive member of many aerospace organisations and recipient of several awards (Boeing Prize, IAF Emerging Space Leaders etc.). Featured in the news.

Co-Founder & COO

Embedded Systems Engineer. Passion for space and social networks. Previously, team manager and sponsoring manager at Polytech’s robotic club, and event organizer for Polytech Union Office.

Valentin CHOMEL

AI-oriented App developer with a passion in innovation and technology. President of ISIMA Junior entreprise. École Polytechnique, Ginette Alumni and Data Scientist from Columbia University.

Corentin MOULY
Lead Programmer

Passionate about creating the technology of tomorrow. Computer Science Engineer at ISIMA and alumni of IUT Clermont-Ferrand.

Business Development & Growth Strategist

Quintessential generalist, with a natural penchant for joining the dots in pursuit of growth. A passion for communicating, analysing and nurturing strategic partnerships for startups.

Partnerships Manager

Mechanical Engineer. President & Relationships Manager of Aerospace & Robotics Society at University of Melbourne. Space enthusiast and passionate about connecting businesses to people.