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on4now... Why did we pivot?

We are now digitizing and democratizing conferences worldwide.
For every 100,000 people we cross paths with in our daily lives, we ‘connect’ with only one of them. In your lifetime, you’ll be connected with 80,000 such people. However, here’s the problem, many of these 80,000 connections do not share the same vision, purpose or goal as you do, leaving them with no option but to disconnect with you as you move forward in your life. What if there was a way to keep these 80,000 connections or, better, connect you with 80,000 meaningful and purposeful connections in your lifetime that will stay? How much better would your life be? How much faster would the world grow? How much sooner will you land that dream job or form a team, to fulfil that dream you had? And who knows...even find that life partner and build an empire, together?

This is where on4now comes to the rescue! But before we tell you the how, you need to know this.... In the 1920’s, the world was connected by six degrees of separation. However, with the advent of social media, we are now connected with everybody else in the world through only ‘four’ degrees of separation, among which lie those 80,000 meaningful and purposeful connections, ready and waiting for you just to be connected. Here’s how we are solving the problem of purposeful connectivity:

on4now leverages its Artificial Intelligence and 4X4 Live Chat features to connect you live, at once, with ‘four’ like-minded people you need in your life and business. But for this to work, we had to create a network effect. A network effect is a phenomenon wherein the increased number of people improves the value of the product. While researching for ways to create network effects, we found that the best and fastest way to create a network effect is by driving people from big conferences onto our platform. Surprisingly, no one else was doing that! And we realised how great a business opportunity this is. This is why we are now digitizing and democratizing conferences worldwide, and with the network built, we will connect you with the 80,000 meaningful and purposeful people you need in your life.

We are making conferences accessible to anyone in the world by broadcasting them live through on4now, and allowing virtual attendees to network face-to-face with those physically, present. There are a high-volume of conferences, guest lectures and expositions happening at many locations which are attractive to many people. Yet, only a fraction of these are attended owing to an array of factors - geographic boundaries, associated costs, time constraints and awareness.

on4now enables you to attend any conference across the world from the comfort of your room, as well as connect and network virtually with the people in attendance as if you were physically present at those conferences, yourself, thanks to the features of the app, as listed on the on4now.

As our Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approaches readiness, we would like to inform you that a beta version of the on4now app may be available on the app stores before its official launch in mid-September 2018.

Meet The Team

We bring you closer to the people you need in your life

Send us an email at if you would like to be part of our mission.
Co-Founder & CEO

Aerospace engineer. Author of a self-help book. Passion for redesigning the world we live in. Previously, Partnerships Advisor at Bluefield. Executive member of many aerospace organisations and recipient of several awards (Boeing Prize, IAF Emerging Space Leaders etc.). Featured in the news.

Co-Founder & COO

Embedded Systems Engineer. Passion for space and social networks. Previously, team manager and sponsoring manager at Polytech’s robotic club, and event organizer for Polytech Union Office.

Valentin CHOMEL

AI-oriented App developer with a passion in innovation and technology. President of ISIMA Junior entreprise. École Polytechnique, Ginette Alumni and Data Scientist from Columbia University.

Corentin MOULY
Lead Programmer

Passionate about creating the technology of tomorrow. Computer Science Engineer at ISIMA and alumni of IUT Clermont-Ferrand.

Business Development & Growth Strategist

Quintessential generalist, with a natural penchant for joining the dots in pursuit of growth. A passion for communicating, analysing and nurturing strategic partnerships for startups.

Partnerships Manager

Mechanical Engineer. President & Relationships Manager of Aerospace & Robotics Society at University of Melbourne. Space enthusiast and passionate about connecting businesses to people.