What we do

We digitize conferences worldwide, allowing you to network face-to-face with physical attendees, not only during but especially before and after the actual conference happens - all from the comfort of your room

As we speak, there are thousands of conferences happening in the world that we are not making the most out of, or simply cannot attend, because of geographic boundaries, time constraints, associated costs or simply being unaware of those conferences happening. We eliminate the cost and time of traveling to conferences, enabling you to get the most out of them as if you were physically present, all from the comfort of your room, through:
Live streaming presentations
Connecting you face-to-face with physical and virtual attendees
Strengthening connections prior to, during and after attending conferences
▪ Giving you indefinite access to conference materials and contacts

How on4now benefits you


Ever imagined you could afford the time and cost that comes with attending a conference, and yet make the most of it? It’s now a reality: watch conferences LIVE and grow through them, while interacting with others, all from the comfort of your room.

Number of attendees

With a potential network of about 3.6 million users within a year, we can significantly increase the number of attendees at your conference, thus driving higher profitability for your conference.

4x4 Live Chat

Wondering what’s it’s like to network face-to-face with people at conferences happening on the other side of the world, without being physically present? Now you can connect and network virtually with four people LIVE, at once, from any conference.


With On The Map, it’s never been easier for you to find your favorite conferences, anywhere in the world. You’ll never miss any conference, again!

Stronger Connection

With our inbuilt profile page, you can now connect with fellow attendees, both physically and virtually present, before, during and after conferences. Say goodbye to business cards, as you start building strong, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Virtual 1-on-1

Got a skill that may help someone? Now you can make a few bucks by trading your precious time solving someone’s problem. Conversely, if you need mentorship or consultation, choose among our virtual meeting types - Coffee, Lunch or 3 course meal.

INFORMATION: We at on4now understand and respect your privacy and will not use - or store - any of your data for any reason at all. No ads is allowed on the platform.

Our Story

The world has 7.6 billion people but for every 100,000 people we cross paths with daily, we connect with only 1 of them. This results in a total of about 80,000 people that we are connected with throughout our entire life. And the worst part is that not all those 80,000 people we 'connect' to are the people we really want to spend our lives with. Most of them come and go because we hardly share any common goal with them - leaving us with no choice but to settle with those 80,000 people that come in our lives - whether they have a common goal or not. Now, imagine what we would be able to do, together, if most of those 80,000 people that we connect with across our lives are like-minded people with an almost similar goal, vision or interest as we have...?

This is where 'on4now' comes to the rescue! A recent study shows that we are all connected by ‘four’ degrees of separations - hence the name ‘online 4 now’ or on4now. Our team at on4now leverages Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to connect 'four' completely unconnected but like-minded people, LIVE, at once. Thus by connecting you with only those 80,000 meaningful and purposeful people you need in your life through the ‘4X4 LIVE Chat’ feature of our mobile app, the world will progress 4 X faster for you in your business, to land your dream job and for making new like-minded friends, globally.

To build this, we had to create a network effects, and after many research, we found that the best and easiest way to create network effects is by driving people from BIG conferences to our platform. This is how the idea to digitize and democratize conferences, worldwide, was coined. Once we build a network from the conferences, we will leverage our Artificial Intelligence capability to connect you with the 80,000 meaningful and purposeful people you need in your life and business.

The blog

on4now... A vision above a startup!

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of going to space... And I started my journey towards space. Throughout my journey, I would achieve numerous recognitions and make friends with all sort of interesting people from the world

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on4now... Why did we pivot?

We are now digitizing and democratizing conferences worldwide. For every 100,000 people we cross paths with in our daily lives, we ‘connect’ with only one of them. In your lifetime, you’ll be connected with 80,000 such people.

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on4now - The greatest adventure!

Ishraj and I first met through this random astronomy group on Facebook. At the time, Ishraj was pursuing his aerospace engineering career in Australia whilst I was in France, studying electrical engineering in embedded systems.

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Meet The Team

We bring you closer to the people you need in your life

Send us an email at contact@on4now.com if you would like to be part of our mission.
Co-Founder & CEO

Aerospace engineer. Author of a self-help book. Passion for redesigning the world we live in. Previously, Partnerships Advisor at Bluefield. Executive member of many aerospace organisations and recipient of several awards (Boeing Prize, IAF Emerging Space Leaders etc.). Featured in the news.

Co-Founder & COO

Embedded Systems Engineer student. Passion for space and social networks. Previously, team manager and sponsoring manager at Polytech’s robotic club, and event organizer for Polytech Union Office.

Valentin CHOMEL

AI-oriented App developer with a passion in innovation and technology. President of ISIMA Junior entreprise. École Polytechnique, Ginette Alumni and Data Scientist from Columbia University.

Business Development & Growth Strategist

Quintessential generalist, with a natural penchant for joining the dots in pursuit of growth. A passion for communicating, analysing and nurturing strategic partnerships for startups.

Head of Partnerships

Mechanical Engineer. President & Relationships Manager of Aerospace & Robotics Society at University of Melbourne. Space enthusiast and passionate about connecting businesses to people.